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A Jewish-Arab Peace Song

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This is a song sung by Israelis and Palestinians that I just found on a friend’s Facebook page. It is important to know something that isn’t publicized much in the mainstream media and that is that there are many peace and reconciliation initiatives in Israel and Palestine with people working hard together on the grass-roots level. The people singing in this video are:

Israeli Jews: Leah Shabat, Shlomo Gronich, Zehavah Ben, Eli Luzon
Palestinians: Sahmir Shukri, Nivine Jaabri, Elias Julianos, Lubna Salame



  1. Wonderful, inspiring song & video. I want to know how can I download – or buy – a recording of the song please.

    Has anyone choreographed it yet? If not I will choreograph a peace-dance to it and recommend the music to my students and friends.

    Salaam & Shalom from Stefan Freeddman

  2. Hello Stefan, I’ve just done a bit of research to see if I could find out more about the song. You can read more about the story of how it came to be recorded and also read the lyrics in English here:

    I followed another link and found Peace Child Israel who were responsible for producing the recording along with composer Shlomo Gronich. It says they also produced a CD. So go over here where you will find a lot more information and hopefully be able to contact them:

    The lyrics are actually based on texts written by teenagers at a Peace Child workshop. Scroll down the page and you’ll find information about the organization and the making of song.

    Salaam Shalom my friend,

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