Israelis and Palestinians visiting holocaust museum Yad Vashem together

Discussing the genocideThis is a very interesting article in Haaretz newspaper reporting on guided visits to Yad Vashem of mixed Israeli and Palestinian groups. The purpose is to inform and to encourage compassion and discussion. As one Jewish visitor says, “And building understanding and compassion is exactly what the Tiyul-Rihla trip to Yad Vashem is about. “The idea behind the initiative is to expose each side to the other side’s narrative, and to have a very deep conversation about it,” explains Israeli journalist and activist Nir Boms, one of the idea’s originators.” 

Likewise a Palestinian member of the group says, ‘”I want to introduce our Jewish friends to the suffering of the Palestinians …. Just as they told us about their suffering in detail from an Israeli perspective, I’d like them to hear all the details about our stories,” reflects Mutasem Halawani, a student of business management from Jerusalem. “This helps build an exchange of ideas and tolerance.”‘ 

To read the full article click here.

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