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Microphones for Peace

olam qatanThis is the Olam Qatan music programme on Microphones for Peace presented by Ya’qub Ibn Yusuf from Jerusalem. Ya’qub explains, “Olam Qatan means “microcosm” or “small world” and is the name of Jerusalem’s spiritual bookstore & East-West music store. Our Olam Qatan program features new Israeli music bridging secular and religious approaches to Judaism, Ashkenazic and Sephardic culture, and sometimes also bridging the Jewish and Arab worlds. This episode gives a first taste of the new spiritual and East-West music of Israel: from Shlomo Bar, Bustan Avraham, Yair Dalal, E-W Ensemble, Sheva and Shotei HaNevua, to Yasmin Levy, Yonatan Razel, Eden MiQedem, Meir Banai and Diwan HaLev.”

Click here to listen


Yinon Muallem with “Nefes” (Breath)

Listen to excerpts from ‘Nefes’ here. It’s beautiful!

More details about his music and work in Turkey are in my previous post which includes a link to a full article about him in Haaretz.

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