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Microphones for Peace

olam qatanThis is the Olam Qatan music programme on Microphones for Peace presented by Ya’qub Ibn Yusuf from Jerusalem. Ya’qub explains, “Olam Qatan means “microcosm” or “small world” and is the name of Jerusalem’s spiritual bookstore & East-West music store. Our Olam Qatan program features new Israeli music bridging secular and religious approaches to Judaism, Ashkenazic and Sephardic culture, and sometimes also bridging the Jewish and Arab worlds. This episode gives a first taste of the new spiritual and East-West music of Israel: from Shlomo Bar, Bustan Avraham, Yair Dalal, E-W Ensemble, Sheva and Shotei HaNevua, to Yasmin Levy, Yonatan Razel, Eden MiQedem, Meir Banai and Diwan HaLev.”

Click here to listen


‘Human’ Music for Peace by Gabriel Halevy

Gabriel HalevyGabriel HalevyPeacemaker and musician Gabriel Halevy has created a new album which he describes as, “From the Heart to Prayer. From Rumi to Pele. From Argentinian folk songs as gifts of joy & peace to the Middle East in Persian, Hebrew, Spanish & Arabic( Lubna Salame). Original songs with Israeli vocalist( Mosh Ben Ari) and guest vocalists from Turkey, India, Jordan & New york. From African ngoni to accordion, oud & sarod, charango & viola, brass, turkish clarinet, bansouri & bombo leguero…tablas & pan flutes, violin, lira and guitar.” He needs help to release it so please go over to Headstart to see how you can help.

A Jewish-Arab Peace Song

This is a song sung by Israelis and Palestinians that I just found on a friend’s Facebook page. It is important to know something that isn’t publicized much in the mainstream media and that is that there are many peace and reconciliation initiatives in Israel and Palestine with people working hard together on the grass-roots level. The people singing in this video are:

Israeli Jews: Leah Shabat, Shlomo Gronich, Zehavah Ben, Eli Luzon
Palestinians: Sahmir Shukri, Nivine Jaabri, Elias Julianos, Lubna Salame

Yinon Muallem with “Nefes” (Breath)

Listen to excerpts from ‘Nefes’ here. It’s beautiful!

More details about his music and work in Turkey are in my previous post which includes a link to a full article about him in Haaretz.

Israeli-Turkish Friendship through the Medium of Music

“The music of Yinon Muallem, who is now the cultural attache in Israel’s Istanbul consulate, embodies all that can be good about Israeli-Turkish relations.”

Muallem. So begins the article by Benny Ziffer in Haaretz. Yinon Muallem, whose latest CD is titled ‘Nefes’ (breath), is well-known and greatly admired for his music in Turkey. Muallem is the son of the musicologist, David Muallem, who wrote a book on Arab scales and modes. Music provides a very effective medium for multi-ethnic, multi-faith collaboration that can transcend borders and illustrate commonalities. (more…)

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