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Yinon Muallem with “Nefes” (Breath)

Listen to excerpts from ‘Nefes’ here. It’s beautiful!

More details about his music and work in Turkey are in my previous post which includes a link to a full article about him in Haaretz.


Israeli-Turkish Friendship through the Medium of Music

“The music of Yinon Muallem, who is now the cultural attache in Israel’s Istanbul consulate, embodies all that can be good about Israeli-Turkish relations.”

Muallem. So begins the article by Benny Ziffer in Haaretz. Yinon Muallem, whose latest CD is titled ‘Nefes’ (breath), is well-known and greatly admired for his music in Turkey. Muallem is the son of the musicologist, David Muallem, who wrote a book on Arab scales and modes. Music provides a very effective medium for multi-ethnic, multi-faith collaboration that can transcend borders and illustrate commonalities. (more…)

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