Jewish-Muslim Relations Past and Present

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About this site


With this blog the intention is to provide information through articles, news reports, and suggested reading matter that functions as a corrective to the idea that Jews and Muslims have ‘always been engaged in conflict with each other’. My personal experience and my research tell me otherwise. Many Jews and Muslims may be unaware of the historical and contemporary instances that illustrate the very positive encounters and creative cooperation between the two faiths that make up the history of Jewish-Muslim relations in the Middle -East and North Africa. In view of the ongoing conflict between Arabs and Jews, Palestinians and Israelis, it is timely to remember and discuss and to become aware of the many initiatives in Israel and Palestine and around the world where Jews and Muslims are meeting and getting to know one another and to learn from each other. With this blog I hope to contribute in some small way to what I see as an immense potential for an exemplary partnership for peace. If you hold your cursor over any of the links on the right-hand side a short description of the link will appear. You will also see a list of categories and tags and if you click on any category that interests you then all the posts that relate to that category will appear on one page.


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